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Non-GSE Loans HAMP Solution Center (HSC)
Phone: 1-866-939-4469
Fax: 1-240-699-3883
Fannie Mae Loans Phone: 1-800-7FANNIE
Fannie Mae Loan Lookup
Freddie Mac Loans Phone: 1-800-FREDDIE
Freddie Mac Loan Lookup
FHA Loans FHA National Servicing Center
Phone: 1-877-622-8525
VA Loans Service Center
Phone: 1-877-827-3702
Loan Guaranty Home Loan Program
USDA Loans Centralized Servicing Center
Phone: 1-800-414-1226

More information on Case Escalation here (MHA)

Foreclosure Clients by Congressional District

NFMC Homeowners by Congressional District and Senate District

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HAMP Resources

Housing and Civil Enforcement Resources

Hurricane Sandy Resources

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Report a Scam or File a Complaint

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