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The National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) is an advocate for the nonprofit housing counseling industry, as well as for housing consumers, for communities of color, for the elderly, and for under-served populations. This website provides resources and tools for housing counselors.

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The NHRC Jobs Board – Recruiting Housing Counselors to Support Your Agency

May 3rd, 2022|0 Comments

The need for qualified and passionate housing counselors is a must have for many organizations that provide housing counseling services in the communities they serve.  With tight budgets for many nonprofit organizations, the National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) created a housing counseling jobs board where housing counseling jobs can be posted, and people looking for jobs can search, all without charge.  Why It Was Created NHRC and other organizations across the country realized that agencies would be looking to hire in order to help build capacity with the Housing Stability Counseling Program funding, other funding sources, and the increasing demand [...]

The 2021 Leaders in Housing Counseling Webinars

March 29th, 2022|0 Comments

2021 was a year filled with continual changes and National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) has worked tirelessly to help provide up-to-date information to keep you, the housing counseling community, well informed on these changes through our Leaders in Housing Counseling Webinars. Each webinar was carefully crafted to include industry leaders and subject matter experts who have lent their voices to help us in our endeavor.   While all our webinars are jam-packed with relevant information and tools, here is a list of some of our favorites: The Disabled Community: How Can We Serve Them Better New Changes to Student Loan Forgiveness [...]

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