The HUD THUD Subcommittee is proposing to slash the HUD Housing Counseling Budget to $35 million, way below the President’s proposed $55 million and below the $43 million last year.  They are also proposing to cut NFMC funding from $77 million to $58 million.

Here are the links to the House information:

Please act now.

Contact your representative in the House before Wednesday.  It is especially important that Republican House members hear from us.  The message is simple, “Please fund the HUD Housing Counseling Assistance program at the President’s requested level of $55 million and the NFMC program at last year’s level of $77 million.”

If you are not in one of the THUD districts listed below (and do not serve clients from one of these districts), you should ask your representative to contact Rep. Tom Latham, who is chairman of the subcommittee, to request these funding levels.

If you are in one of the THUD districts or serve clients from one of them, it is especially important that you contact your representative. He or she serves on the T-HUD subcommittee and needs to hear about the work your agency does for his or her constituents and the need for federal funding to keep that work going.


House T-HUD Subcommittee Members and Districts

  • Rep. Tom Latham (Chair), IA-3rd (R)
  • Rep. Frank Wolf, VA-10th (R)
  • Rep. Charlie Dent, PA-15th (R)
  • Rep. Kay Granger, TX-12th (R)
  • Rep. Tom Cole, OK-4th (R)
  • Rep. Jaime Herrea-Beutler, WA-3rd (R)
  • Rep. David Joyce, OH-14th (R)
  • Rep. Ed Pastor, AZ-7th (D)
  • Rep. David Price, NC-4th (D)
  • Rep. Mike Quigley, IL-5th (D)
  • Rep. Tim Ryan, OH-13th (D)

Click here for talking points that outline some arguments we have found to work well. There is also a script that you may find helpful if you haven’t made a call like this before. You can find your representative in the House using this link:

Please let Matthew Goodro know what kind of response you are getting: