Earlier this month, the National Housing Resource Center sent a letter to members of Congress asking for support for federal housing counseling funding. The letter was signed by more than 360 agencies from nearly every state and the District of Columbia and you can read it here.

The letter asked members of Congress to support funding the HUD Housing Counseling Assistance program at $60 M and the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling program at $40 M. Sixty million dollars for Housing Counseling Assistance would represent a slight increase over both the current funding level and President Obama’s request to Congress ($47 M). Forty million dollars for the NFMC program would keep the program funded at its current level and would be an increase of $40 M over the President’s request.

At a time when foreclosure continues to be a major issue in many communities, and in which many are seeking to enter the housing market as the recovery takes hold in other communities, there is a critical need for adequate federal funding for housing counseling and we believe an increase in the federal appropriations is strongly warranted. Furthermore, the roughly 45 percent cut in federal funding in President Obama’s budget request but do tremendous harm to the ability of housing counseling agencies to meet the needs of people all around the country.

Many thanks to all who signed on to the letter.