Facing declining funding and continuing demand, housing counseling programs need to find and develop new lines of business, which meet the needs of consumers and which can help pay the bills. With that in mind, NHRC has launched a series of Webinars to educate housing counseling managers on innovative programs, which generate income.

Here is the list of programs so far. There are many exciting opportunities, which can help strengthen the housing counseling work and benefit consumers.

Opportunities created by Certification Rule 3/16/17
Sarah Gerecke, HUD
Karin L. Nigol, Housing Education Resource Center, Inc.
Marcus Purnell, HomeFree USA
Walda Yon, Latino Economic Development Center
Andrew J. Loubert, Community Reinvestment Solutions, Inc.

Helping Returning Homebuyers with Past Short Sales 4/13/17
Pam Marron, Innovative Mortgage Services
Ellie Pepper, Empire Justice Center

Pay Day Loan Alternative Loans, CDC of Brownsville 4/20/17
Matt Hull, Texas Association of CDC’s
Nick Mitchell-Bennett, CDC of Brownsville

Nationwide Mortgage Collaborative 5/4/17
Gabe Del Rio, Springboard CDFI

Real Estate Shared Income Partnership, Urban Edge 5/18/17
Bob Credle, Urban Edge
Linda Champion, Urban Edge

Heat Squad Conservation Program, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, 6/8/17
Melanie Paskevich, NWWV

Profit and Loss Analysis and Fee for Service Pricing, 6/15/17
Bob Credle, Urban Edge
Jeff Tellier, Urban Edge

Special thanks to NeighborWorks America for their help in identifying many of these models from their network.