The nomination of Brian Montgomery for FHA Commissioner was stuck for more than eight months in the Senate. The Realtors, the Mortgage Bankers Association, and the National Housing Conference had circulated sign-on letters and lobbied to get the nomination moving but no progress to a final vote. So NHRC mobilized the housing counseling community.

NHRC collected a sign-on letter with 184 national and local groups to demonstrate broad industry and nonprofit support and broad support in Senator’s home districts. We convened meetings with local South Carolina groups and Senator Tim Scott’s office, Massachusetts groups and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office, New York groups and Senator Chuck Schumer’s office, and Kentucky groups and Senator Mitch McConnell’s office. Finally, just hours after the McConnell meeting, one of the Kentucky groups got a call from his office to say a deal had been reached to bring the Brian Montgomery nomination to the floor for a vote. Brian’s nomination passed easily in the Senate and he is in office today.

Why did NHRC put such a big effort into this one nomination? Because Brian Montgomery is an ideal candidate for the job. He is highly experienced (he was FHA Commissioner under President George W. Bush), deeply committed to housing and the mission of HUD, and willing to tackle the multiple challenges FHA is currently facing.

And Brian is willing to roll up his sleeves and work with us. He already has had his first meeting with a team of NHRC housing counseling leaders two weeks ago and spent an hour and a half in a deep dive on disaster recovery, prepurchase, delinquency, and reverse mortgage housing counseling issues. Plus, we sent in a letter calling for the issuance of the long delayed Notice of Funding Application (NOFA) for housing counseling funding in his first week in the office and the NOFA finally rolled out two weeks later.  He is the right man for the job.