The Coalition of HUD Intermediaries and NHRC have made a joint request to Congress for $150 million in immediate emergency funding for HUD approved housing counseling agencies in the wake of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

The economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will significantly impact American families as they experience unexpected health costs, reduced wages and enormous financial stress. Some of the issues facing Americans in the wake of the crisis include:

  • Families facing eviction or foreclosure will still need assistance, or greater assistance, in figuring out how to secure stabling housing;
  • Lenders are creating new programs or expanding current programs, to assist consumers. It is critical that households have support in navigating this new lending marketplace;
  • Prospective homeowners will need more help figuring out the real estate and housing market, especially those financially impacted during the pandemic.

Housing counselors are positioned to play an important role in helping families address these challenges and restore their housing stability as well as move towards financial wellness. Given the nature of the economy right now, with many agencies working remotely, the request to Congress specifically addresses the unique challenges that housing counselors are facing and what the funding would need to address:

  1. Funds can be spent on delivering the full set of HUD housing counseling services, not just some.
  2. Funds can be spent on equipment and technology to deliver services virtually as direct costs.
  3. Funds can be spent on training. Legislation should not limit the type of trainings to maintain flexibility for services.

You may view the joint letter HERE.