They said it could not be done, but after a year-long campaign, many meetings with the Treasury, a major meeting with the White House and plenty of advocating, TARP funds are now available to support counseling for HAMP applications and outreach.

NeighborWorks announced new funding opportunities for the Making Home Affordable® (MHA) Program. According to NeighborWorks America “Participating agencies will be provided funds to conduct outreach and provide assistance to homeowners in need of mortgage help and at risk of foreclosure, screen homeowners for eligibility for available MHA foreclosure prevention assistance, and work with potentially eligible homeowners to submit mortgage assistance applications to servicers.”

National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program awardees from Round 5 or Round 6 will be eligible. Awards will be based on a percentage of the agencies’ and will include funds for outreach. NeighborWorks will administer the funds. For more Information, go to:

This has been a major initiative of the National Housing Resource Center and many groups worked on it.  This shows that pulling together can get results.